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Bernhard Lukassen

Born on 06.05.1968 in Mödling, languages German and English.

I have successfully graduated my IT education in HTBLVA Spengergasse, Vienna. The width of the training in the Spengergasse includes not only IT and software development, but also business management and organization. A successful combination for today's working life.

In more than 25 years in the IT industry I have seen all the advances and developments in software from the beginning with IBM S/360 mainframes, midrange like Digital VAX up to modern Microservice architectures in the cloud and mobile apps. I have participated in the evolution in software development and management methods, like V-Model and Kanban, and also applied new technologies in projects in which I have participated.

Self-employed since 1997. And I've been involved in numerous projects and gained experience in many industries. I have implemented projects of companies like Coca-Cola and Telekom Austra, over medium enterprises as Westbahn and Wiesbauer to small businesses and gained much knowledge about business models and business processes.

I always looked out for projects with a high degree of invention and innovation using the modern software technology which is avalaible.

Software is my passion. For new developments, both in methods as well as technology, I always stay up to date to apply them and also to to support my customers.
My motto for software: ... to the hilt

A book tip for all who have been involved already in an IT project:

Tom DeMarco: The Deadline, A Novel About Project Management